Monday, May 28, 2007

Led Zeppelin covers

How about some Led Zeppelin covers?

First, we have a nice version of When_the_Levee_Breaks by Todd Cecil. My friend Jackson clued me in to Todd - thanks Jackson! Mr. Cecil will be playing at the "Rhythm on the River" concert series here in Columbia, SC, on June 16th.

Next, from the Encomium CD, (subtitled, "a tribute to led zeppelin"), is a version of "Going to California" by Never the Bride.

Finally, a symphonic version of Friends, from the CD titled, "Kashmir". (Symphonic Led Zeppelin!)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

..... and speaking of Guitarman Sam

Speaking of Guitarman Sam, here is a song he recorded with John Woodard: When_The_Band. Besides playing guitar, Sam cooks up a damn file tamale, and is married to one of the coolest chicks in the Carolinas. But to hear him play these days may take some effort, not the least of which will be traveling to Columbia, South Carolina, USA. (When and where are you playing again, Sam?)

Another song I'd like to post, just because I like to play it for my Sweetie, is a B.B. King & Irma Thomas duet called We're_Gonna_Make_It. It goes out to my buddy Jeff, too, who has had more than his share of hard luck. (Hang in there, Buddy! Things are gonna change!)

"We're Gonna Make It" is from B.B. King's "Blues Summit" CD, a collection of collaborations with many famous artists. I assume everyone knows who B.B. King is, so how about a Wikipedia link to Irma Thomas.

Just because I like the Blues, here is Sweet_Black_Angel by Earl Hooker, (NOT John Lee, who was his cousin!), which is on the
"Simply the Best"
CD. This is what Wikipedia says about Earl Hooker.

And finally, to satisfy curious minds, (you know who you are, PAUL), I had instant oatmeal with golden raisins for breakfast this morning.

More "Religious" Music!

Here's some more "religious" music, more or less.

The first song, Countdown_to_the_Year_2000, is what I guess you would call "Christian Rap". It is off the "Countdown to the Year 2000" CD by Kyper.

I'm not a fan of Rap or Hip-Hop music; I barely listened to the remaining tracks, but I can say not all of them are religiously themed. (I don't think "Weird Sex" would play too well at Sunday School!) Tabatha is a nice song.

Here is link telling you all about Kyper

The second song, The_Hand_of_the_Almighty, is a bit of a parody of country gospel tunes. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SONG IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED BY "BAD" WORDS, PARTICULARLY F*CK! I think this song is funny ...... and TRUE! So watch out, you sinners!

Anyway, this song was sent to me by my buddy Guitarman Sam. I don't know much, (okay - anything!), about John R. Butler, but a quick Google search turned up his website,, and here is a site where you can buy his CD, described as "Postmodern Honky Blasphemy"!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Philippine Song!!

Here is BiniBini , another philippine song, this one sent to me by my Sweetie. (Thank you, Dear!) When I play it, the phrase "brownman revivial" briefly appears.

My Sweetie says this one is in Tagalog, so if you were looking for a song in Bisaya, you are momentarily out of luck. (Hopefully I can resolve that soon!) As for the particulars of the song .... who performs it, what it is about, etc ...... I don't know yet. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monster Island - Dream Tiger

Here's an interesting CD: Dream Tiger, 13 songs by the group, (?), Monster Island. I can't find a webpage for these guys, so I don't know if they are still around and recording, but here is what a Google search turned up: Monster Island. Wikipedia never heard of them.

Listen to Dream Tiger: Erika Hoffman is the vocalist, and she is featured on several other songs. Fantomas is a nice, campy tune.

Bear in mind there is some creepy stuff on this CD, ("The Dead Father", "Hob Goblin"), which would make wonderful music for a Halloween party, or good background music for telling ghost stories around the campfire!

This entry has been updated here:


I'm not much of a fan of classical music, but I think Schubert rocks! This song, Fantasy for Violin and Piano in C major, D.934, is a bit long at 24 minutes, but worth it.

It is the first track from this CD: Schubert Sonatas (Sonatinas) for Violin and Piano , and in my-ever-humble-opinion, easily the best track. (The other songs are to "formulaic" for me.) If you enjoy classical music, the Naxos website, ( is certainly worth a visit.

Some trivia: the violinist is named Dong-Suk, which would certainly be a challenging name to grow up with here in the USA!

Some bonus trivia: my fiance's nick-name is "Dong", which in her language means "Precious", which she most certainly is!!

Ethics of downloading "free" music

Since I am providing free samples of various music, I think it's necessary to address the ethics of downloading someone's artistic work, WITHOUT paying for it.

First of all, I want to note that the purpose of this blog is to give exposure to artists who, in my opinion, either lack adequate publicity, or deserve more. Thus, you won't see much Led Zeppelin, Elton John, or Prince music posted here. (Unless it is performed by someone else!) The idea is to let you hear some tunes you may not otherwise hear, with the hope that if you like the work, you will BUY the CD!

Is this ethical? I think so; in fact I think I am helping the artists, rather than hurting them. What do you think?

Following are some links on the ethics/legality of posting and downloading music. Note that I am much more interested in the ETHICS rather than the LEGALITY, as the legal system all too often dances to the tune of the one with the most money, whether or not that is the ethical thing to do. (E.g., see the antics of the RIAA.)

This article is a little out of date, but I LOVE the guy's hair!
(Another link to same article if that one is broken: )

Another out of date article. (Sorry ...... I don't get out much!)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Contemporary Christian

I don't listen to much Contemporary Christian music, but my Sweetie does, so I figured I should put an entry in for a few songs in this genre.

The first is from Sandi Patty, and is not really overtly religious at all, although Sandi is most definitely a practising Christian. Love_Will_Be_Our_Home is a great example of her wonderful voice. It is off of her album ....... uh, well phooey! I don't know what album, (if any!), this song is from. Any of you Sandi Patty fans know?

Here is her website: . She has an interesting discography. (At least I think so!)

The next song is from Shirley Caesar, off of her Sailin' CD: Let_Your_Spirit_Fall_on_Me . If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, USA, you NEED to own at least one Shirley Caesar recording, as she is a local hero in those parts. There is even a street named after her in Durham. Go to, and type in this address: "shirley caesar court, durham, nc 27701".

Here is her website: . She just released her 41st, (41st!!), CD.

Finally, a little rowdy inspiration bluegrass from the David Crowder band: I_Saw_The_Light . Be aware this is a .wma file, because yours truly hasn't figured out how to convert this to an mp3 file yet. But it's a nice song, off the "B Collision" CD.

Did you know "I Saw the Light" was written by Hank Williams? is the band's website. It's a pretty cool website, once you figure out how to navigate around. Check it out!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pinoy Ako - song from the Philippines!

Here is a song from the Philippines: Pinoy_Ako.mp3 . I know almost nothing about this song. I think "Pinoy Ako" means, "I'm a Filipino"? I don't even know if this is being sung in Bisaya or Tagalog.

I was in the Philippines this past February, (Feb 2007), and it is a nice place. I enjoyed my trip, especially since I got to spend time with my Sweetie! And no, I did not eat any Balut! (Don't even ask!)

04/Jan/2015 Update  -  Here is a version of this song from YouTube:

Pinoy Ako - by Orange and Lemons

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flamingo Guitar!!

Okay ..... it should be "Flamenco Guitar". Pardon my lame attempt at a pun!

This song, Amazonas, is the last song on the "Primal Magic" CD by the two flamingos (ha, ha!) Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah. These guys are pretty good, huh? This CD came out in 1990, ( Mesa, (or maybe Rhino?), R2 79023), and was one I purchased through a brief membership in the BMG Music Club. Jorge is from Costa Rica, and Ardeshir is from Iran.

Here is a YouTube playlist for the entire CD, starting with Bola, (a GREAT song!): .

And here is their website:


If this music moves you, please consider buying the CD at Amazon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Piece of Sh*t Car

Here's a "quaint" little song ...... "Piece of Sh*t Car". I got this from a friend of mine. I have no idea who performed it, when, where, or anything about else about this "opus".  It's performed by Adam Sandler, and here is a good link to it on YouTube: .

This is a reggie-ish humorous song about a really crappy car. There are STRONG words in this song, so ..... *ahem* ..... if you are an easily offended type, please don't listen to it! Also, it is not particularly child friendly.

I hope none of you can relate to owning something like this! Back in the early 1980's I had the misfortune to own a Renault LeCar, which was a rather pathetic vehicle. (I knew I was in trouble when a guy visiting from France saw it and said, in his heavy accent, "French Junk!") I also briefly owned a Ford Escort, (I will NEVER buy a Ford again!!!), but after that have owned only Hondas and the occaisional GM pickup, and I haven't had a lemon since.

If anybody knows who performed this song, and where it can be purchased, please let me know.  Adam Sandler.

First Post - Purpose of this Blog

Greetings one and all!

I'm starting this blog to give a little exposure to various musicians whose recordings I have accumulated over the years. With most of the FM band seemingly becomming owned by one company, (with a few exceptions, like college radio stations, and a few brave free-form stations here and there), it seems that we will have to take matters into our own hands, and help support musicians whose music we enjoy, yet who are not overtly "commercial".

Ideally, you will come across something you like in this blog, and be inspired to check out more of the artist's work, perhaps even buying a CD or two!