Saturday, June 25, 2016

Timer - Reverberi

I once owned many, many LPs.  As they were a pain to cart around, and CDs are, (IMHO at least!), a superior technology, I sold them all off about 20 years ago.

One LP I wish I had not departed with was Timer, by the wonderful Gian Piero Reverberi.  I know it's unnecessary, but further proof that life is unfair, and that the "masses", (whoever they may be), have pedestrian tastes, is borne out in the fact that this fantastic album has never, to my knowledge, been rereleased in any other updated format.  Phooey!!  So unless you want to track down an old copy of the LP, you're out of luck getting your hands on it.

But don't give up all hope, as YouTube once again may come to our rescue!  As I write this, (25/June/2016), most of the tracks for this album may be found on YouTube, and using an MP3 converter site such as, you may manually download the tracks from this album, and then burn a CD if so inclined.

Here are the tracks for the album, with YouTube links:

Improvviso Fantasia Op. 66  -

Cat Casanova  -

Timer  -

Soana  -

Roller  -

Penny  -

O Sole Mio  -  missing in action!  Phooey!

Adagio Cantabile  -

Album  -  missing in action ..... Phooey!!

So there it is, MOST of Reverberi's really great Timer album.

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